Eye Care Near Me – Why are Eye Exams Important


Several health ailments can be detected early with an annual eye exam. You can prevent the onset of several serious ailments as your eye exam can make you act fast if there are any warning signs of an illness or ailment. There are more than 30 million people in the USA with diabetes and an additional 84 million approximately who are at risk of becoming a diabetic and subsequent eye disease. In fact, the above is a major cause of blindness in the country. Doctors suggest that an annual comprehensive eye test can actually detect these early signs and prevent the loss of vision successfully.

Eye care near me – Contact experts for an eye test

In order to get your annual eye exam, you should search for a clinic that specializes in eye care. When you search for eye care near me online, you will come across several clinics with the names of the doctors and addresses. It is prudent for you to pick an eye clinic known for its quality of service and accurate results. You can check the online reviews on the eye clinic and read its reviews carefully. In this way, you will be able to find the right clinic for your eye exam.

Preparing for the eye exam

When your appointment has been scheduled, the next step is to ensure you go to the clinic prepared. The following are the items you should take with you-

  1. Record any changes in vision and sight. Note them down and tell your doctor before the test begins.
  2. Carry your spectacles or contact lenses, if any.
  3. The details of your primary doctor
  4. In case your pupils have to be dilated during the eye exam, make sure you bring with you a relative or friend to take you home safely.
  5. Information on your vision insurance
  6. Prescription of any present medications you are taking.
  7. Make a list of questions you want to ask your doctor.

Make sure you follow up with the eye doctor after you have been prescribed contact lenses or spectacles for the first time. This follows up should be done approximately two weeks from the date of the last appointment. Give your doctor a report on whether your glasses are working or not. In case he/she makes any changes, and they are not working, inform your doctor immediately. Do not wait for 15 days or so.

Therefore, if you have not gone for an annual eye exam as yet, it is prudent to schedule one as soon as possible. The same should be followed for children. Search for eye care near me online and choose a clinic known for its professionalism, care, and quality. The costs of an eye exam depend upon the clinic and the doctor conducting it. Contact the clinic beforehand to get an idea about their costs so that you are prepared with the right amount on the date of the appointment. In this way, you can take care of your eyes and vision problems can be kept at bay!

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