Weight Training: Tips on How to Keep Fit with the Help of Science


Weight training is considered an effective way to exercise and whip your body into shape, and it can be done by anyone, from teenagers to the elderly. Weight training is useful when you want to gain or maintain good muscle mass.

This is important because it helps your body maintain its insulin sensitivity, protects you from heart disease and keeps the elderly from developing sarcopenia, a condition that causes seniors to become frail.

There are many misconceptions relating to weight training possibly because many of those who do it are armatures. Here is what science thinks about various aspects of weight training.

The intensity of your Effort

Whenever you lift weights, your muscle fibres are engaged, which means that as you repeat your work out they become difficult, so your body engages more of the muscle fibres in your body. In the end, you will find that you have used all the muscle fibres and that leads to hypertrophy.

If you are hoping to see some muscle within a few months after you start training, try to work out to the failure point. That way, you engage most of your muscle fibres. However, do not weight training by setting the number of repetitions you think will work for you. Just continue working out until you fill you cannot repeat one more activity.

Weight-Training can help you shed Fat

Most people think that the only way to lose weight is by working themselves out mercilessly. There are many other things you can do to lose weight other than spending hours on your treadmill.

Getting that lean body requires a smart approach. You can try weight training together with some cardio if you are looking for a sustainable way to keep fit. Cardio helps you burn calories while you are exercising, but that does not mean you will continue burning fat thereafter.

Weight training is the way to go if you want lean muscles and hope to burn calories at an incredibly high rate even while you are at rest. Yes, you burn fewer calories while weight training, but the best part is that your body develops lean muscle that will cause your net calorie expenditure to increase. Why? Well, your elevated calorie burn can last for as long as 48 hours post workout.

Repetition and Load Range

Performing a series of repetitive activities to your failure point is not really dependent on the load you are working with. In fact, research has shown that it makes little difference the load you choose as long as you can perform your reps to the failure point. However, using heavier loads was found to cause your bone to become dense compared to lighter weights.

So, find a load that 80 percent of RM and perform your reps to your muscle’s failure point if you are looking for muscular endurance, strength and improved bone density.

Duration of Repetition

Cadence, or duration of repetition, is the length of time you take to perform a single rep. For best result, perform your reps as slowly as possible so that you are able to sustain the same muscular tension all through.

Fast or vigorous reps that involve jerking your load around won’t help you much because you don’t sustain muscular tension for as long as is recommended.

Rest Interval

Rest interval is the length of time you take to catch your breath between each rep. Research has shown that rest interval does not influence how well you gain strength. If your motive is purely muscular growth, there is no need for you to worry about rest interval. You can rest for as long as you want.

It only makes a difference if you are involved in cardiovascular conditioning. For best result, you need a shorter rest interval.

You may not be Losing Weight despite a Rigorous Workout

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Final Word

While these recommendations may seem at loggerheads with conventional wisdom, science usually works with technique. However, if you are considering your body’s protein synthesis or how often you train, then the tips we have listed are the conclusions most people reach.





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