How Long Should You Stay with A Therapist?


How long you should be in a therapy, and how long your therapist must consult and support you can be answer with simple logical reasoning. It works with simple questions and answers, and definitely you will have to realize things and answer in a sound mind.

Are you still facing the problem?

The problem which had led you to the therapist will only tell you whether you need more support and consultations or not. If the problem persists with the same intensity or diminishing intensity, then you would need probably some more sessions with the therapist till it get solved. Else, if you feel that the problem do not exist anymore, and your mind is free from the clutter, and you have developed that feel good factor within, then it’s time to call off the therapy sessions. You may be ready to face life on your own and need not come back to the therapist.

Did your problem or focus in life change?

It often happens that the main problem which led you to the therapist or the main concern evolved with time. This happens many a times that focus from things change. Something which has not much importance to you gets really important, and the main problematic things evaporate all of a sudden. These changes occurs in life suddenly or gradually, and when you finally realize, you also realize that it’s time to end sessions with the therapist because you may be ready now to face the other issues in your own.

Are you addicted to the therapist?

This is a vital question which only you may answer, often the habit of getting a support and someone to listen to many get into an addiction. You may not know when you gradually get addicted to the consultation sessions.

This is not intended, because the motto of psychotherapy is to get you independent and confident to face life with a fresh mind and energy. Hence if you feel that your problems have disappeared and you are still visiting the therapist, or if you feel that you are visiting the therapist for smaller problems and hurdles which you could have had tackled well alone, then it’s time to quit therapy.

Are you afraid of getting out of therapy?

Sometimes you may realize that you are already into the mainstream of life, and don’t need any more support from the therapist. In such cases also, you may not feel confident enough to end consultations. This may be one sort of mental weakness that developed due to continued support you got through. You should not be afraid to stop therapies and try facing life on your own for some time, take a trial, and see how it goes.

Therapy for wellness

Though you may end sessions once you feel stable and confident and back to the path and rhythm of life, this may not be the case for those who went into therapy for just a better life. One who never had any problem, but just wanted to feel life’s deeper meanings and implications and enhance inner strength and locate problems within, may need periodic consultations. Such periodic consultation will help such people get mentally fresh after each session and clear up mind clutters and face life with new zeal and energy.

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