Why choosing the right company for buying activated charcoal capsules is important?


You must have heard the name of activated charcoal in many places. Nowadays activated charcoal supplements have gained immense popularity all over the world. You might not have an idea that this ingredient has been used since a long time for treating various kinds of problems and health issues successfully. With increasing demands of the item, innumerable activated charcoal powder manufacturers are manufacturing the supplement to cater to the requirements of the customers. Among many, SitaImpex needs special mention. This is a private label manufacturer of various kinds of health drinks and supplements. The company also offers activated charcoal capsules with customized label and customized strength.

What is activated charcoal actually?

If you thought that activated charcoal is the ingredient found in burnt food pieces or by burning charcoal bricks, you are mistaken. There is a special process followed for making activate charcoal. Carbon-rich materials like peat, wood, coconut shells and even sawdust is heated to extremely high temperatures. There is another process which is followed right after the heating and this is what ‘activates’ the carbon. The burning at high temperatures is done in absence of oxygen leading to change in the chemical structure of the item. What you get is ultra-fine activated charcoal with innumerable pores, increasing the surface area of the charcoal by thousands of times. For instance, it has been seen that around 2 grams of the powder has the same amount of surface area like that of a football field.

Since the surface area of activated charcoal is so vast, it acts as an excellent adsorbent. It adsorbs and binds to various things like atoms, molecules and ions. It helps in removing harmful toxins and chemicals from the body so that the body remains free from these components. The highly porous surface of the activated charcoal contains negative electric charge. The harmful gases and toxins which are positively charged bind to the porous surface and get removed from the body.

Benefits obtained from activated charcoal supplements

The benefits obtained from various kinds of activated charcoal supplements are innumerable. Some of the most important and prominent ones are as follows:

  • Minimizes issues of gas and bloating – Gas and bloating is extremely uncomfortable and activated charcoal supplements can help in alleviating these symptoms considerably. Ensure that you drink abundant water after taking the supplement to show best results.
  • Emergency toxin and poison removal – Activated charcoal is present in all hospital emergency rooms and places for removing toxins and poisons from the system. Various kinds of pesticides, fertilizers, organic compounds, bleach and other toxic substances bind to the highly porous surface of activated charcoal and get eliminated from the body in the quickest possible time. The ingredient is also effective for medicinal over-dosing poisoning.
  • Helps in reducing high cholesterol levels in the body–In many medical research reports it has been seen that activate charcoal helps in reducing levels of bad cholesterol in the body and boosts the levels of good cholesterol, ensuring healthy heart health and cardiovascular health.
  • Cleansing of the digestive system–A healthy digestive tract is obtained with activated charcoal supplements as toxins which cause allergic reactions and other harmful components are removed and flushed out of the body. Immune function is also boosted thus increasing mental function and also increased levels of energy. Drink abundant water for good results.
  • Betters skin health – Various kinds of skin issues can be combated with the help of activated charcoal. This ingredient helps in treating the problem of acne and pimples, fights body odor and most importantly, provides relief from discomfort, which is caused by insect bites, snake bites, rashes and other skin problems. The supplement is also effective for spot removal treatments.
  • Helps in teeth whitening–If you are worried about your teeth health and other oral problems, activated charcoal supplements can be of great use. Along with promoting teeth whitening, the item also helps in maintaining the right pH balance in the mouth, prevents bad breath, gum diseases and cavities to a great extent.

Buying activated charcoal supplements from trusted and genuine sources

Activated charcoal supplements are available in different formats. The two most common formats are that of activated charcoal capsules or tablets and activated charcoal powder. There are innumerable activated charcoal capsule exporters and activated charcoal capsule suppliers, who take the responsibility of taking the supplements to millions of customers. Choosing the right exporter and supplier is important so that you get the best and genuine products at the best available rates. At SitaImpex, the company assures that the best quality products are delivered. All the specifications of the product are in complete compliance with United States Pharmacoepia. Thus authenticity and genuineness of the products is completely guaranteed.

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