Jericho Share Explains Are Christian Health Ministries Legitimate? 


The American healthcare system is in crisis, leaving many people without access to vital health services. Jericho Share, a Healthcare Sharing Ministry (HCSM) is working to change that. They do this through offering flexible, cost-effective sharing options that assist families in paying for everyday healthcare.

HCSMs work differently than self or employer-paid health care. HCSM members work together to share the cost of each other’s medical services, decreasing overall costs. Monthly contributions from members are pooled together to fund the medical needs of other members as they arise.

This safety net can lower out-of-pocket expenses for both everyday and preventive care, and for more serious medical emergencies or illnesses.

Jericho Share is not only a company, but a community that is made up of members and families joined by common religious and ethical beliefs. The company is committed to equal access to funding for members’ medical needs, in accordance with these beliefs. Eligibility and procedures are clearly spelled out in the company’s Member Information Guide (MIG).

They offer several different plans to accommodate its members’ healthcare needs. A few of its offerings include plans to cover: everyday office visits and wellness care, hospital visits, critical illness, and dental care.

In addition to base offerings, they also offer access to pharmacy discounts and telehealth visits, both of which represent significant savings.

The Jericho Share model works from a place of grace and compassion. The company is committed to being a responsible member of the community, and they regularly engage in charity work, including events like seasonal food and toy drives.

They are also dedicated to providing an exceptional experience for all members. They’re available to help members via their website and online portal, as well as their social media contact pages.

Jericho Share‘s Healthcare Cost Sharing Model can help both individuals and families save money on health care. Equally importantly, it allows members with similar religious convictions to offer assistance to others in the community at the same time!

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