What Are The Uses Of Thumb Forceps In The Medical Field?


Surgical instruments are inseparable parts of medical history. Among different types of medical tools, forceps are really important for any surgery. Out of all the different types of forceps thumb forceps are highly popular which are also known as tweezers. They are essential to pick tiny objects and hold sensitive tissues during any surgery. The users need to hold it between the fingers and squeeze it so that the serrated tip is closed. In most cases, the health experts prefer using a top-quality tweezer made of stainless steel. The thumb forceps are heavily used in hospitals and they are ideal for dealing with sensitive tissues. They can also play a vital role during operation holding the tissue without direct contact.

Different types of forceps used in the medical industry

Obstetric forceps: This is one of the popular grasping tools which was highly popular. They are used during childbirth. The cesarean deliveries require this special type of force which is highly advantageous. It is helpful in guiding a baby’s head through the birth canal. When the mother is tired of pushing the forceps can help. However, the concept of forceps is being dramatically revised with the passing days. They are not used that heavily in today’s medical industry.

Ring forceps: The surgical forceps can be divided into two parts; one is thumb forceps and another one is ring forceps. The second one looks like scissors but they are slightly hinged. They also have ring holes for easy holding of the item. This is an important grasping instrument that is very distinctive in type. They can prevent the overflow of blood controlling hemorrhages. These special types of forceps are also known as needle holders. There are also towel forceps that are used to clamp the instruments in an operation hall.

Thumb forceps: There are different types of forceps available in the market. But thumb forceps are highly popular and high in demand among medical professionals. They can be used to delicately operate large blood vessels and heavy issues. This type of forceps is non-ratchet and useful for dressing and undressing wounds. This special type of grasping object has teeth that caret grip on soft tissue. All the above-mentioned forceps are essential for different clinical procedures. It is important to provide special care to a patient and the right tool can help in doing so. Choose always the best quality product for providing the best support to the patient.


So this was all about different types of forceps. Among all the various types of forceps, thumb forceps are highly demanding. They ensure minimum damage to the tissues which are sensitive. Stainless forceps are preferred as there is no fear of infection. These stainless forceps are designed so that they can bear high temperatures. There are also disposable forceps which are made of plastic and they are used and thrown. A top-quality forceps will have smooth and cross-hatched tops to handle each case easily.

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