Family Physician Daniel Gusberti Discusses How To Prepare Kids For Doctors Visits 


Family Physician Daniel Gusberti recently offered tips for preparing kids for doctor’s visits.

SOUTHAMPTON, ONTARIO, CANADA / AUGUST 5, 2022 / Most kids don’t look forward to going to the doctor, but it doesn’t have to be a frightening experience either. Dr. Daniel Gusberti is a family physician currently practicing in Southampton, Ontario. He’s an expert in family medicine care and recently discussed helpful ways to prepare kids for their doctor’s visits.

“A doctor’s visit is much less scary when you’re prepared for what’s going to happen,” Dr. Gusberti said. “The following are a few tips I offer parents to help them ease their kids’ anxiety before they come into the office.”

Talk to Them About It, But Not Too Early

Dr. Gusberti stated that many parents think providing their children with more information about their doctor’s visit will put their minds at ease. However, this is highly dependent on the patient’s age. Dr. Daniel Gusberti suggests talking about the visit less with young children and more with older ones.

He suggested informing young kids about their doctor’s visit the morning of their appointment or even in the car on the way there. Briefly inform them about uncomfortable procedures that may occur, such as shots or testing, but don’t dwell on the process.

Older kids and teens need to know a bit more about their doctor’s visits because the doctor may visit with them alone. Dr. Gusberti recommends reminding kids to be honest with their doctors, so they can receive the best possible care.

Remain Calm

Parents are often more worried about their kids’ doctor’s appointments than the children. Little ones feed off their parents’ energy, so a parent’s anxiety can make the child anxious too. Dr. Gusberti advises parents to remain positive and calm when heading into the doctor’s office, so their kids are relaxed too.

Play Doctor at Home

Kids typically fear the doctor’s office because they don’t know what to expect. Dr. Gusberti suggests helping children understand what happens at regular checkups by practicing at home. The child can even play doctor, while the parent shows them how to check the nose, ears, blood pressure, and more. Kids have fun playing doctor and feel much more in control when appointment time comes.

Daniel Gusberti and Making Doctor Days Fun

Dr. Gusberti stated that doctor’s visits don’t have to be dreaded, and parents can even make them fun. He recommends offering a reward after the doctor’s visit, such as taking the child to their favorite park, going out for ice cream, or buying a new toy. Dr. Gusberti suggests leaving this pleasant surprise for after the appointment, so your little one will learn to associate doctor’s appointments with fun family days.

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