Haley Zelenka Shares How Acromegaly Community Changes Lives 


Haley Zelenka highlights the work of the Acromegaly Community and its impact since its creation.

GULFPORT, MISSISSIPPI — Mississippi attorney Haley Zelenka committed her life to public service early and continues to spend her free time providing pro bono family law work and advocating for children, civil rights, and the public interest.

Her dedication extends beyond the legal profession to include involvement with her church and appointment to the inaugural Board of Directors for the Acromegaly Community, a non-profit organization formed to address the needs of those diagnosed with Acromegaly, a condition that starts with pituitary gland issues and leads to the overproduction of growth hormone and related problems, such as enlarged hands and feet.

The Acromegaly Community was formed in 2005 as an online support group to help patients, such as Haley Zelenka, discuss their problems with other patients. Through compassionate conversation, many members were able to find their voices and new information about the condition. It also provided an outlet to discuss the social aspects of managing a condition and navigating local healthcare systems that are not always adequate for unique situations.

Due to its expert leadership and diverse membership, the community now provides a full emotional and communal support network including essential medical information for those needing surgical, medication, radiation, and post-diagnosis support. The community extends past the patient to include friends and family who need to learn more for both themselves and, when necessary, help advocate for the patient.

Haley Zelenka was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor in 2002 that led to her diagnosis. These medical struggles helped fuel her dedication to personal and professional support of the medical and healthcare fields, particularly in her local community where she serves as VP General Counsel for a large non-profit hospital.

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